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Herzlich Willkommen bei Mechtild Julius MJ Beratung Privatpraxis in Bonn.

My personal „experience statistics“

50 years of experience in life
25 years of professional experience
15 years of family life experience

Coach, Trainer, Moderator, Consultant

  • Since 1998 freelance as consultant, coach, trainer and moderator with my consulting company MJ Beratung & Coaching for corporations, mid-sized companies and consultancies with focus on HR-development and Marketing. (www.mj-beratung.com)
  • Certification as CMC/BDU Certified Management Consultant, Trainer/Coach „Soft Skills“ im BDU Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater (Federal Association of German Consultants)
  • Certified wingwave®-Coach

Alternative practitioner for Psychotherapy

  • Certified alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
  • 4 years of professional development with focus musical therapy, body and trance therapy and counselling
  • Extensive experience in psychological cases

Executive staff in an international enterprise (Henkel KGaA)

  • 1992-1997: Henkel KGaA – Product Management consumer goods
  • 6 years in national and international Marketing
  • Executive staff as Head of Marketing

Professional Career

  • Since 2015 private practice for coaching and psychotherapy
  • since 1998 consultancy  MJ Beratung & Coaching (www.mj-beratung.com)
  • 1992-1997 Marketing career at Henkel KGaA
  • 1985-1991 University studies of German Philology, History and Philosophy at the University of Konstanz, Degree: Magister Artium (M.A.)
  • 1984 Abitur (German Higher School Certificate) 1,0 at the Gymnasium in Xanten


  • 15 years of experience as executive manager with two children
  • Many years of personal experience with the Work-Life-Balance challenge
  • Special consultative approach for families: Family as a team

My personal sources of inner strength: music, yoga

  • Music is inspiration and happiness in life to me. I play the piano and violin.
  • For years daily yoga sessions have been my source to health, inner serenity and mental clarity.

Client Feedbacks

I have been lucky enough to work with Mechtild over a number of months. What started as way to improve on my work ended up with new ways on improving myself first of all and to finally understand what I need from a professional point of view in order to feel complete as a person. Mechtild has been much more than a coach, she’s been a perfect sparring partner for new ideas, new ways of identifying my needs and my desires as well as focusing my energies in a right direction. As a person with severe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) I normally find it hard to focus for longer amount of times but this never happened in our discussions. Mechtild is a great listener, analyst and a great incubator for ideas and new ways of doing things. I know that our time together will have a great impact over the immediate and long term work and life decisions that I will make. Thank you.

International Sales Manager, Blue Chip Company

I worked with Ms Julius in coaching sessions to enhance a dimension in my leadership. I found the time we spent together very valuable. I enjoyed the systematical analysis to understand what were my limitations before and how I can overcome those by employing useful tools and practices. I strongly believe that what I learnt I can not only make my professional life more successful and efficient, but will have positive impact on my general work-life balance.

International Manager Blue Chip Company, Eastern Europe

After 10 hours of coaching I now lead a much more satisfied life. I am astonished about things that bothered me for a long time, are now much easier to cope with. I received many good advices and tools which I now use regularly for myself. I have become much more positive and satisfied with myself. I have already received positive development feedbacks from my boss and my colleagues. I am raving everywhere about these great coaching sessions.

Corporate Manager, age 35, single mother

After my first coaching session with Mechtild Julius, it was clear to me that I could not go on the way I had been living and that I definitely had to find a new job. We thoroughly analyzed my overall situation and she clearly visualized my situation. Ever since I have a relaxed night’s sleep and I feel less distressed. Right now I am working on my inner strengths and development potentials, at the same time observing my weaknesses which are now so clear to me. We are also building a strategy during the coaching sessions for my professional re-orientation. Due to my sessions I am able to have a positive view on my future.

Corporate Manager, age 37, father of 2 children

My Mission:

Why I love working with people

I am convinced that every person in every age can develop and be happy. I am happy to support people in discovering and using their individual talents and potentials. To get in touch with your personal inner self, get in touch with other people and with life itself. To find out what is really important for you in your life and to act accordingly.

I am sure that this is also a vital condition to keep up or regain your physical and mental health – and to find happiness in life.

What gives me satisfaction in my work

It gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction, to be able to see again and again how my clients start to open up and become more content, gaining inner clarity and self-confidence and finally dare to take strong and successful steps forward.

What my work is all about...

… it is about a higher conscience, professional dealing with emotions and linking actions to one’s own personal values.

Inner clarity and being open to new ideas are the requirements to follow new paths in life. A conscious and constructive dealing with one’s own and other people’s emotions is vitally important, in order to create happy and profound relationships. To be aware of one’s own values and to be able to integrate them into decision making processes and daily actions leads to a deep feeling of content to be at the right spot.

To know who you are, where you are coming from, what really shaped your life and where you want to go, is the requirement for personal success, whether private or professional, however you want to define “success” for yourself.

No more wasting time, but intensively living the HERE and NOW. Letting go of what is a barrier or what is useless, actively designing your own life – and consciously enjoying, every single day!


Coaching Practice

My coaching premises are a peaceful retreat, located 10 minutes by car from Bad Godesberg, in the South of Bonn.  You are more than welcome and you can start feeling comfortable. The absolute discretion is guaranteed.

The private practice is located in a private residence with separate entrance in a quiet street in Wachtberg-Niederbachem, only 10 minutes by car from Bad Godesberg.

Parking is available directly in front of the building.

Serene and friendly rooms for your well-being

The rooms are light-filled and friendly with wooden interior in light colors and a large window facade, so you are able to relax immediately and let go of daily business. Just outside the window façade a Japanese garden was created, where I choose to go with my clients for breaks or continue the session in fresh air.

Exquisitely selected elements create a focused atmosphere: the view on the Japanese garden, the art work of a contemporary Indian artist from the Canadian coast, placid light and as a special highlight, the sound chair.

Professional Equipment

The comforting atmosphere is enhanced by professional equipment such as flipchart, presentation boards, beamer and video camera.


My practice offers you the utmost discretion, due to consultation planning with sufficient time buffers, with one client at a time being present. For reasons of discretion, you will not find a visible sign post on your way to my practice.