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Herzlich Willkommen bei Mechtild Julius MJ Beratung Privatpraxis in Bonn.

Coaching, psychological guidance or psychotherapy?

I can offer you coaching, psychological guidance and psychotherapy, in order to give you thorough support in your personal issues.

Coaching – is also possible via Skype

Coaching is usually a process lasting for several weeks or months. The coaching goal is to gain inner clarity, to develop a path and to plan and take the appropriate steps. You will develop a connection to your inner resources and be able to selectively implement these for your own goal achievements.

Business coaching is mainly focused on professional issues.
Personal coaching is mainly focused on personal issues.

A coaching package is usually set for 6-20 hours, according to the complexity of your concerns.

You may well book coachings by the hour or as coaching packages. For extensive results, I recommend 120 minute sessions.

If you have to travel far to come to my private practice, half-day or full-day sessions seem reasonable.

Professionally induced coachings may normally be claimed for tax purposes.

Coachings are subject to VAT.

Coaching Packages

The mentioned coaching packages are rough guidelines and give you an idea about possible contents and reasonable session durations. A coaching session is usually set for two hours (120 min.)

I would like to ask you to take time between coaching sessions to do your “homework”, as preparation for your following session. This makes it easier for us to achieve the most successful results for you with no redundant sessions. So, time efforts and costs stay in reasonable limits.

The content focus of each coaching package can be sent to you via e-mail in advance upon request.
Every coaching package is customized to your individual goals, desires and needs.

Basic packages 4-Steps-Eagle-Principle  (4 sessions, 120 minutes each) 8 h
1. Session: Clarity – Gain transparency about your internal and external situation
2. Session: Dreaming – vision, desires, goals
3. Session: Gain strength – identify and activate resources
4. Session: Fly – strategies, actions, precise planning
Theme Packages Business Coaching
Professional Reorientation 8-14 h
Leadership and Team Development 12 h
Enhancing your personal communication 8 h
Customer- and value-oriented selling 10 h
Convincing presentations 10 h
Moderate workshops and meetings effectively 10 h
Conflict Management 12 h
Theme Packages Personal Coaching
Holistic life plan 12 h
Coping with stress / Burnout prevention 12 h
Time- and Self-Management 6 h
Special Talents / Giftedness 10 h
Challenges for international executive staff 10 h
Life’s Chapters as opportunities
(e.g. school graduation, first steps on the career ladder, starting a family,
midlife crisis, retirement, divorce, death of a loved one)
12 h


The package price for coaching packages is reduced by 10% of the hourly rate with payment in advance.

The initial consultation is set for 30 minutes and is free of charge for you and non-binding for both sides.

Conditions upon request

Psychological Guidance

In urgent cases I can offer psychological guidance by the hour. Due to my professional and psychological experience and acquired knowledge, I am able to fully support you in finding solutions for a specific issue. Psychological guidance may also be effective with issues that have been on your mind for a long time and you are looking for neutral and experienced discussion partner, who can listen and can give valuable feedback.

The psychological guidance is subject to currently 19% VAT.


I can assist you during disruptions of the mental well-being, as a certified alternative practitioner for psychotherapy with a personalized psychotherapy.

A privately-funded psychotherapy can be very healing if first symptoms such as sleeping disorders, discontentment, unhappiness ongoing mental exhaustion and overall instability already exist. It is also very suitable as an effective prevention against ongoing psychological and physical disorders.

A full psychotherapy may cover a shorter or longer time period, depending on the severity and number and nature of the symptoms. The ultimate goal is always an enhancement of the subjective personal well-being and achieving a superior quality of life.

Psychotherapy is often covered by the private health insurances in Germany. If you are a direct payer for psychotherapy, you may be eligible for tax deductions.

As an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy I am not able to claim costs from the statutory health insurances in Germany.

Psychotherapy, as a curative treatment is exempt from taxation.

The 4-Steps-Eagle-Principle

The basis of my work is the 4-Steps-Eagle-Principle. The initial step is always about getting clarity in the individual situation in order to get an overview of all affected personality features. Following the outline of the current personal situation, we will go together the next important steps:

1. Clarity: getting clarity in the individual situation, Focusing the “deep issue”
2. Dream: Develop visions and goals
3. Gain strength: Identify and activate inner resources and energy sources
4. Fly: Take decisions, plan and take according actions, develop new capabilities and use them…


During my individual sessions I integrate various reliable approaches in the fields of coaching and psychotherapy as well as exercises in mindfulness and guided sound journeys.

At the beginning of our ‘team work’ we will jointly choose the best suitable methods for you.

Coaching Methods

  • Video Training
  • Client-centered sessions with Ad-hoc-Visualization
  • wingwave®-Coaching
  • Sound-guided vision- and fantasy journeys
  • Non-violent Communication according to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
  • Conflict Moderation and Conflict Mediation according to Christoph Thomann
  • System- and inner team constellation according to Schulz-von-Thun
  • Logical levels according to Robert Dilts
  • Burnout Prevention according to Thomas Bergner
  • DreamTeamLeadership according to Mechtild Julius
  • Family as a Team according to Mechtild Julius

Overview of psychotherapy methods

  • Client-focused psychotherapy according to Rogers
  • ACT Acceptance- & commitment therapy according to Hyes, Strosahl, Wilson
  • Genograms
  • Music-, body- and trance therapy according to Dr. Wolfgang Strobel
  • Incorporation Method according to Dr. Wolfgang Strobel
  • Logo therapy according to Viktor Frankl
  • Positive Psychotherapy according to Nossrat Peseschkian
  • Hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson
  • Psychodrama exercises

Awareness exercises

  • Meditations
  • Breathing exercises
  • Visualizations
  • Yoga

Sound journeys

A relaxed being in the moment is the best soul condition during coaching and psychotherapy sessions, to be able to watchfully spend time with surrounding processes and with your inner self – with your thoughts, feelings, goals, values, ideas, desires and aspirations.

Therefore, the soothing journey on the sound chair is a great start into your coaching session. You will be surrounded by a pleasant sound and at same time you will feel the vibrations flowing within your body. This makes it easy for you to gain inner serenity and to let go of exterior issues and to be deeply relaxed and be living in the very moment and having arrived at your inner self.

Guided sound journeys are ideal for vision searching and for stabilizing important insights. Furthermore, you may receive access to subconscious corners of your soul as also to long-gone or suppressed thoughts and experiences.

Be surprised!

Sound journeys for relaxation and stress reduction may also be booked as single sessions or even as a gift for a beloved person.