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Herzlich Willkommen bei Mechtild Julius MJ Beratung Privatpraxis in Bonn.

I can guide and back you up with my 25 years of professional experience, in your professional and personal challenges, as well as psychological pressures – for you to regain clarity of your external and internal situation, to be able to collect fresh strength and know what you are able to do and to develop the according capabilities.

Being an experienced coach and certified alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, I am able to support you in an array of challenges and uncertainties. Often the professional issues and personal challenges go hand-in-hand. If this is the case, a holistic approach is helpful and reasonable which provides for a close look at the complete individual, professional and personal background, the complete life story and the inner dreams and aspirations.

Professional Challenges

  • You want to find a new professional orientation for yourself?
  • You want to be more effective with your „Personal Marketing“?
  • You would like to get to know your strengths, affinities and potentials, and be able to present them externally and convincingly, e.g. in an elevator pitch?
  • You want to continue to develop your communication abilities?
  • You want to be able to present and moderate convincingly?
  • You want to be more secure in your personal appearance?
  • You want to become secure and effective in your staff- and team leadership?
  • You are looking for a professional and experienced guidance during a career step forward?
  • You want to have a good stand with your employer?
  • You want to become more secure in professional conflict situations?
  • You want to consult and sell customer-oriented?

Special professional challenges for women

  • You want to assert yourself as a woman in a male-dominated environment?
  • You want to become more self-confident on the job and take on a sound career?
  • You want to cope with a demanding management situation and stay authentic as a female?
  • You want to be more persistent in your professional communication style – towards men as well as women?
  • You want to protect yourself more effectively against demands coming from all directions?
  • You are searching for the ideal path to link professional and private goals?
  • You are returning to your profession after a break (e.g. parental leave)?

Professional and/or personal challenges

  • You are unhappy with your professional and/or private situation?
  • You want to strive for a new personal direction and see possible alternatives for yourself?
  • You are permanently stressed in your life?
  • You want to enhance your work-life-balance?
  • You want to optimize your time- and self-management?
  • You have difficult decisions ahead of you?
  • You are looking for a discrete and qualified guidance in a difficult situation?
  • You are currently in a conflict situation and you need a solution?

Personal Challenges

  • You want to develop a holistic vision for your personal life?
  • You sense your creative potential and want to further develop it?
  • You have many ideas for change but have not been able to turn them into reality?
  • You are experiencing difficult situations with your partner and/or children?
  • You want to enhance the family communication?
  • You are experiencing existential fears?
  • You sense somewhat of a “midlife crisis“?
  • You have special talents and want to learn to optimally integrate them in your life?
  • You have a low self-esteem and often are afraid of personal failures?
  • You would like to find out how your personal problems may derive from your own war experience or the war experiences of your parents or grandparents? (children of war children, grandchildren of war children)
  • You are looking for an understanding discussion partner in spiritual issues?
  • You want to find out how to gain deeper happiness?

Psychological Pressures

  • You are sensing the pressure is rising and becoming unbearable?
  • You are not able to sleep at night because there is too much on your mind?
  • You are not able to meet your own expectations?
  • You are constantly worn out and want to do something before getting sick?
  • You are experiencing psychosomatic problems?
  • You want to prevent burnouts?
  • You are becoming more and more impatient with others?
  • You are worrying that your problems could affect your family and your partnership?
  • You are constantly sad and the sadness does not want to end?
  • You are not able to sort your emotions?
  • You would like to understand why you keep having the same problems?
  • You are feeling numb and do not really know what is going on with you?
  • You are looking for a psychological guidance after hospitalization for a successful return in daily life?